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The commitment to quality, value, and helping our clients achieve their best results underlies all of Altum’s world-class services.

We build high-performing, scalable, and reliable business apps using modern architecture and best supported programming and scripting languages.

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We can help you modernize your systems and streamline your business processes through scalable, resilient, and reliable cloud computing solutions.

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As an end-to-end IoT development provider our teams can scale to meet your needs for projects ranging from individual device development or implementation of a larger IoT network.

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We can help you take your business to the next level with a user-friendly iOS, Android, or cross platform mobile application.

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Our experienced data engineers can make sure that your data works for you, providing you with invaluable insights and enabling informed decision-making processes.

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Whether you want to augment your in-house team or outsource your entire software development project, Altum’s experienced professionals provide a reliable and scalable short or long-term solution.

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Microsoft Power Platform is a line of business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity software applications.

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Why Choose

There are many reasons why so many businesses choose Altum as a long-term technology partner.

A Business-Minded Technology Partner

At Altum, we realize that time is money. We emphasize speed to market by helping you go from your first MVP to production in 1 month or less.

Agile Development Practices

We utilize agile development practices by emphasizing incremental delivery, continual planning, and collaboration.

Cutting-Edge and Best Supported Technology

We use the most popular and best supported programming and scripting languages, cloud-based services, and powerful 3rd party solutions.


Our experienced professionals specialize in product management, design, architecture, development, testing, and various support disciplines.


Altum is proud to offer a choice of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources, as well as flexible engagement models and payment terms.

What Our Clients Say

We value long-term partnerships and are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses. We earn our clients’ trust and are proud that they consistently recommend us.