Digitizing Roof Replacement Sales with Power Platforms

Baltic Roofing Inc., a roofing company specializing in residential and commercial roof replacements.


Baltic Roofing was struggling with managing their sales process for roof replacement jobs. They were using a manual, paper-based process that was time-consuming and prone to errors. They needed a solution that would automate their sales process, from quoting to sales presentation to analytical reporting.



Our team worked with Baltic Roofing to design and implement a custom sales solution using Power Platforms. We created a Power App that allowed sales representatives to easily generate quotes for roof replacement jobs, using a pre-populated pricing database. We also created a Power BI dashboard that provided real-time insights into their sales process, allowing them to track the performance of their sales team and identify areas for improvement. Finally, we developed a Power Point template that enabled sales representatives to deliver professional sales presentations to prospective customers.



The new sales solution has transformed the way Baltic Roofing manages their sales process for roof replacement jobs. The solution has automated many of the manual tasks, such as data entry and tracking, and has reduced the risk of errors. The solution has also provided real-time insights into their sales process, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategy. Overall, the solution has helped Baltic Roofing to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their operations.



“We’ve been working with Altum for almost two years now, building a sales estimating and reporting platform for our roofing business. The biggest thing that stands out is communication! These guys like to stay accountable and I was never lost in the process with the team being methodical and responsive.” – Darius Gaidukevicius, Owner, Baltic Roofing, Inc.