Improving Fleet Management with Power BI

Confidential, a large transportation company with a fleet of over 300 trucks.


The client was struggling with managing their fleet effectively. They had limited visibility into their operations, making it difficult to make informed decisions and optimize their fleet. They needed a solution that would provide real-time insights into their operations and allow them to make data-driven decisions.



Our team worked with the client to design and implement a custom fleet management solution using Power BI. We created a dashboard that provided real-time data on key metrics, such as fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and driver performance. The dashboard was integrated with their existing systems, allowing for seamless data transfer.



The new fleet management solution has transformed the way the client manages their operations. The dashboard provides real-time insights into their operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their fleet. The solution has also helped to reduce costs by identifying areas for improvement, such as reducing fuel consumption and improving vehicle maintenance. Overall, the solution has helped the client to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their operations.



“We are extremely pleased with the new fleet management solution developed by Altum. It has transformed the way we manage our operations and has allowed us to make data-driven decisions. The team at Altum was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire project, and we would highly recommend their services.” – Director of Operations.