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Business Problem

Customer is in the business of delivering goods to clients using their fleet of vehicles. With each delivery, the driver needs to have the shipping documents signed by the receiver and ship it back to Arka for back-office processing and record keeping. This manual processing of documents led to few of the business problems:

  • Delay in back office operations as it could not start the process till driver submitted the physical copies of documents. Sometimes drivers did not submit the documents on daily basis.
  • Chances of losing important documents.
  • Backend office person had to spend time in scanning them manually through scanner etc.
  • Increase in turn around time and cost as driver had to submit documents physically and would take a trip again to back office specifically to submit those.

Solution Recommended

To resolve above business problem we suggested customer to have an easy to use Document Scanning Mobile App which was specifically designed to work with outdoor environments and keeping drivers as user in mind. This app was integrated to backend using API. App has very good document scanning facilities like, Auto Edge detection, Cropping, Undo, Gallery View etc.

App’s major aim is to make sure that the driver spends less time to process one document on the App. This is to save turnaround time per delivery.

Team Setup

One project manager, one developer, one QA Analyst and one UI/UX developer were part of team.

Project Technicals

  • Xamarin
  • Net Core
  • NUnit
  • Azure
  • Entity Framework


  • Combination for Xamarin Forms 3.0 & Xamarin Native 4.0 for UI with custom platform specific Native rendering.
  • OpenCV based EmguCV for Image Processing Features
  • PDF processing SDKs
  • ASP.Net Core 2.1 for backend API with MS SQL as database system
  • Entity Framework Core for Database Operations
  • NUnit for Unit Testing
  • Git for Version Control


  • Microsoft Azure DevOPs (previously known as VSTS) & MS App Center used to host code, CI/CD pipeline.
  • Self hosted Nuget Package Manager for reusability of code libraries.
  • Mobile App. Center for Distribution of Mobile Application.
  • Visual Studio as primary development IDE. Adobe Suite Products for UI/UX prototype designing.


  • Agile SDLC with Kanban board as primary work tracking.
  • Slack for primary communication & integration with Azure DevOps for auto notification.