SaaS transportation management system

Business Problem

Emails, spreadsheets, text messages, phone calls, snail mail, sticky notes… This is how communication happens among dispatchers and drivers, carriers and brokers in many small and even midsize transportation companies. It is inefficient, time consuming, frustrating, and not scalable at all.

There are a lot of great solutions in the market that attempt to address that problem. However many smaller companies are struggling to find one that fits their needs. Many of these solutions are geared towards the larger companies and are too complex, dated, not integrated, user unfriendly, or simply too expensive.

The client wanted to develop a SaaS based solution that would address common industry needs and enable trucking companies to streamline the operations and improve team productivity. The solution would be affordable and available on the subscription basis.

Solution Recommended

MileTMS partnered with Altum to build a cloud based SaaS platform. The platform can cover all the typical operation models and workflows the small company needs. Besides that the platform keeps evolving and customers get new features and updates every month.

To build a powerful, scalable, secure and open architecture system to support a multi-tenant environment we chose to use Azure cloud services. With our API first approach we completely separated the back-end application from the front-end user interface and positioned the system to be ready for the external system integrations.

A fully automated CI/CD pipeline was set up to enable daily releases to multiple preproduction and production environments.

Office users got the MileTMS admin portal and MileDriver app was built for the drivers on the go. A separate customer access portal was created as well.

Team Setup

The team consisted of the product owner, scrum master, four developers, two test engineers and one UX designer.

  • Samsara
  • QuickBooks
  • Google APIs
  • Keeptruckin

  • Angular
  • Net Core
  • NUnit
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Entity Framework
  • Jasmine
  • Karma
  • Protractor
  • Azure DevOps
  • MS APP Center
  • Nuget
  • Azure Function App
  • Azure Logic App
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Storage