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Business Problem

Customer wanted to develop a bridge platform between camp organizers, school administrators and parents to make camp or school enrollment easy for their children, while parents would be able to manage their children’s full profile mostly their medical profile and requirements. Expected to provide parents an easy way to register their child, order list of Rx, OTC etc from same portal.

Payment gateways should be integrated for an immediate or scheduled payment. Also wanted direct integrations to various pharmacy store software in order to book in bulk on behalf of the camp organizers.

Solution Recommended

As client wanted some web presence along with a portal like app, we suggested them to use Web Application with backend API, after thorough analysis of the requirements. As this Web App had potential to become a Mobile App in future but as it would not require native Mobile Platform features, we selected Angular 6 as primary UI so that in case of future Mobile App requirements we can reuse existing Web App like Progressive Web App or Web View based Mobile Application.

Backend is integrated with various 3rd party APIs such as pharmacy stores so that auto order can be placed, payment gateways integrations etc.

Team Setup

One project manager, three developers, one QA Analyst and one UI/UX developer were part of team.


Project Technicals

  • Angular
  • Net Core
  • NUnit
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Entity Framework
  • Jasmine
  • Karma
  • Protractor


  • Angular 6 as primary UI stack.
  • ASP.Net Core 2.1 for backend API with MS SQL as database system
  • Entity Framework Core for Database Operations
  • Bootstrap 4 based CSS Framework.
  • NUnit for .Net Core side Unit Test Cases
  • Jasmine & Karma for Angular side Unit Test Cases
  • Protractor for Automated UI Testing
  • Git for Version Control


  • Microsoft Azure DevOps (previously known as VSTS) and MS App Center used to host code, CI/CD pipeline.
  • Self-hosted Nuget Package Manager for reusability of code libraries.
  • Visual Studio as primary development IDE. Adobe Suite Products for UI/UX prototype designing.


  • Agile SDLC with Kanban board as primary work tracking.
  • Slack for primary communication & integration with Azure DevOps for auto notification.