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There are many reasons why so many businesses choose Altum as a long-term technology partner.

When 'Altum' drives it! When ‘Altum’ drives it!

Looking for someone who can take up your idea and chart all the way up to a successful product launch? Then Altum is the place to be. It would be valuable for you to note that we engage a dedicated set of resources to ‘review’ every milestone of the project execution cycle. Thus leaving no room for errors.
Following are a list of steps we follow when we drive a project.

Discovery phase

Knowledge transfer happens in this phase and we make sure your ideas are meticulously documented.

Designing the bird’s eye view

We get the higher level design architecture ready in this phase. This architecture is a bird’s eye view into the product implementation details. The methodology to adopt is decided here.


As the name suggests, we get on to the job we love so much! Implementation begins now by involving the best software practices and standards with continous review.

When ‘You’ Drive it!

Although being capable to drive a project independently, we offer the flexibility to let you steer the project in your way and your pace too. Altum leaves no stone unturned to render its ‘choicest’ resources to work with you.
Following are the steps we follow in a typical ‘client-driven’ project cycle.

Project onboarding

Knowledge exchange begins between teams. This exchange of information is jotted down to the minutest details for better insight into the project.

Project Execution: ‘Your’ way

After the information exchange is done, our team of experts are ready to sail in the direction that you chart out. We adopt the software practices and methodologies suggested by you. The implementation begins here

Project Handover

‘Handover’ happens when the design is ‘mature’ and our internal reviewers are done combing through the minutest details. Thus we hand you a finished, running and flawless product that will step up your game by several notches.