Business Web Application Development

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We help start-up's and small companies to become more efficient and scale their businesses with resilient, reliable, and robust business web applications.

End-to-End Business Web Application Development Services

Altum is a proven provider of innovative custom business web application development services for startups and small businesses.

  • Web services and microservices architecture design
  • Enterprise web applications development
  • Specialized web applications such as fleet management software or payment processing solutions
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise web portals
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of e-commerce solutions
  • Complex enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and document management
  • Cross-platform development and integration
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design
  • Cloud-native development
  • Application maintenance and migration

The Altum Advantage

Altum provides detail-oriented and pragmatic teams, agile development practices, and transparent development processes.

At Altum we appreciate that time is money. We strive to get your solutions built and implemented quicky to offer immediate value and productivity.

Every business faces unique challenges. Yet most businesses rely on out-of-the-box solutions, attempting to fit their business to software rather than software to their businesses. We deliver deep customizations that are tailored to your business.

We offer a broad range of engagement models on both a short and long-term basis to meet your business objectives and budget.

Altum emphasizes security at all stages of the product lifecycle. We use the latest security technology and best practices to protect your applications and data.

Technologies We Use

As a leading custom business web application development company, we utilize the latest and most effective technologies to help future-proof your operations.




In-memory Databases

Message Queues

Notification Services

Document and Blog Storage

Network Resiliency

Altum’s Business Web Application Development Process

When you partner with Altum, you get a dedicated team of web app developers and designers that genuinely care about your business. Our teams utilize agile development practices and flexible engagement models to give you control over the development process and get your product to market quickly.

Research and Discovery

Our hands-on web application development team gets to know your business. Project stakeholders foster a shared understanding of goals and objectives.

Iterative Development

Our talented team of business web app developers and UI/UX designers will work with you to bring your vision to life. We emphasize speed to market, efficient resource allocation, and cost management.

Testing and Acceptance

We conduct extensive testing to ensure that your solution is operating efficiently. Our team delivers a functional prototype to you and walks you through its user-friendly features.

Soft Launch

Our team will help you to launch your prototype. We will continuously gather performance data. From there we work towards developing a final product.


The finished product is delivered and implemented.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated support team performs regularly scheduled maintenance and updates to ensure that your business web application solution is always operating at peak efficiency.

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