Staff Augmentation

Adapt. Overcome. Grow.

We help start-up's and small companies to overcome short and long-term IT challenges and scale their businesses with proven and cost-effective onshore and offshore custom software development teams.

What are Staff Augmentation Services?

Staff augmentation services are a type of outsourcing where you contract with software developers to create or supplement your current team. Staff augmentation services are available on a short or long-term basis depending on your organization’s needs.

What You Get

Altum is a leading provider of onshore and offshore staff augmentation services. We offer certified and talented professionals, flexible engagement models, and an unmatched level of support.

When you partner with Altum, you get a dedicated team of software developers and/or designers for as long as you need them.

As an end-to-end custom software development company with a proven track record of driving digital transformation across many industries, our professionals are among the most talented and experienced in the industry.

Our developers integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows and can serve as an extension of your team.

Eliminate costly recruiting and onboarding processes while meeting any project deadline.

Quickly sale your team up or down as your needs and/or external factors dictate.

Internal software developers often have a specialty. That specialty may not fit the skill set needs of a particular project. With staff augmentation services you have access to a larger pool of skills, giving you a broader range of capabilities.

Altum offers onshore, offshore, and hybrid staff augmentation services. Our hybrid model combines the convenience of English proficient and available onshore teams with the cost-effectiveness of offshore teams.

What to Look for in Your Technology Partner

We are committed to earning your trust through transparent business practices and superior customer service. Altum develops long-term partnerships with its customers and we take pride in helping them to scale and transform their businesses.

Established Processes

We have strict process controls, an established infrastructure, and streamlined communication channels that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows.

Emphasis on Security

Altum emphasizes security at all stages of the product lifecycle. We use the latest security technology and best practices to protect your applications and data.


Altum is a U.S.-based company with a satellite office located in India. We are available during your working hours to meet your needs.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer a broad range of engagement models. Whether you require assistance with a single task or more comprehensive staff augmentation services, Altum has got you covered.

Ready to Augment Your Team?

Our staff augmentation services are a proven, reliable, and cost-effective way for you to scale your business. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your next project.

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